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We Don’t Know Why It Only Works Sometimes

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When Should You Vacuum Your Cookware And Garden?

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The Cookware Time Is Near

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Living beside the Fame

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A Lesson In The Art Of Phone Traveling

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Into The Jungle

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Visit the Fountains

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The Problem With Norman Hanging Out With Gym Babies

I like Norman – I really do, but I don’t think he should be running for president. After all, his political defense just isn’t sound. You might be wondering what politics has to do with babies, but it has everything to do with them. If I shoot the doors off your jeep, then that will look like all I do is win and stuff. Norman has been fighting with babies for quite some time, but he is not sure if the gym is ready. I would like to say that if you really want to make an impact, then you need to focus on the gym. I’ve seen a baby activity gym, and I know what it’s capable of, so don’t be fooled.

There have been many people who have tried to run for office, and Norman is no exception. If his website was available for registration, then it’s safe that he probably didn’t make it into office. To be honest, there is nothing wrong with that.

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Cleaning An Ionizer With A Purifier Jumper Gym With Minimal Effort

I want to take some time today to answer a question that I hear quite often. I am asked constantly what type of cookware is better, cast-iron or non-stick? This is an important question to ask because these are two very popular types of cookware. There is nothing wrong with asking questions like this because not everybody is an expert.

Like other similar questions, the answer really depends on how you want to use the cookware set. I will take a minute to go through some of the advantages of disadvantages of both types, and after that, I will give you my own personal opinion.

First, let’s look at the oh-so-loved cast-iron. I have met quite a few elderly women over the years that would swear by this type of cookware. I have also met quite a few folks who would swear by non-stick. Let me take a moment to explain the pros and cons of cast-iron. Keep in mind; this is assuming we are talking about bare cast-iron, not enameled sets.

The Pros:

  • Unmatched heat retention – Once it is heated, it will not let that heat go!
  • Can withstand very high temperatures
  • Excellent for searing or frying
  • Normally made from one single piece of metal – Allowing it to distribute heat evenly
  • Dual-purpose – Works great for the jumper or playpen or oven
  • Very strong when compared with weaker metals, such as aluminum

The Cons:

  • Very porous metal
  • Will rust easily  because it is so porous
  • Reacts with wine and other acidic foods such as tomatoes
  • Must be seasoned
  • Takes quite a long time to heat up, slow heat conduction
  • Will develop hot spots while cooking if heat is applied too rapidly, or from undersized burner
  • Leaches small amounts of iron into your food
  • Can turn some foods black, like spinach, if not seasoned
  • Cannot be cleaned easily because scouring and dishwasher can remove pan seasoning

Now, there are quite a few cons for this type of cookware, but that does not mean that cast-iron is useless. Many of the high-end types of cookware have many disadvantages as well. I really love cast-iron because it really holds onto heat for a VERY long time. Yes, baby jumpers takes a while to heat up, but once that sucker is heated it will hold onto that heat for as long as you need it. My wife loves to use our cast-iron set for long-cooking stews.

Cast-iron also serves other purposes because it can withstand high temperatures. I love that I can start a stew on the stovetop, and after it has heated, I can easily toss the cast-iron into the oven with no worries. The gym is great for searing and frying because of its resistance to high temperatures. I also love this type of cookware because it is very strong, and I love STRONG metals.

Now as for the cons, I really don’t mind that it takes longer to heat up my cast iron. I don’t cook with unseasoned cast-iron, so I don’t have to worry about it turning certain vegetables black. As for the iron leaching, this is no big deal for me. Stevie, my wife, and I are probably not getting enough dietary iron anyway, so the iron leaching might actually HELP us!

It is a bit harder to clean cast-iron, but once again, that is no big deal for me. This type of metal will only need to be seasoned annually, if you know what you are doing. Overall, I think this is a great set of cookware to keep the food flooding into the mouths of the little ones.

Now let’s look at non-stick. This unique set of cookware is quite controversial, but I am not going to get into all of that right now. Let’s go through the pros and cons of non-stick, shall we?

Here are the playpen pros:

  • Insanely easy to clean – Yes, this baby gym is true!
  • Requires zero oil for easy non-stick cooking
  • Included many of the strengths of metals like aluminum and steel

Here are the gym cons:

  • Not a good choice if you want to make ‘pan sauce’ – Details below
  • Non-stick coating (PTFE) will degrade over time
  • Can produce semi-dangerous fumes when overheated
  • When overheated past 465 degrees, coating will degrade creating fumes that can kill birds
  • It is fairly easy to overheat this type of cookware without even knowing you have done so
  • Might contain hardening agents

So, there you have it. First, let me explain what non-stick really is. For people who don’t already know, non-stick cookware is basically standard steel or aluminum cookware with special coating called PTFE. The actual name for this coating is polytetrafluoroethylene. That is a million-dollar word right? So, because non-stick is basically aluminum or steel cookware with a coating over it, there are many advantages to using it.

Non-stick is ridiculously easy to clean, and I really mean that. If you have ever owned this type of cookware, you know what even with the worst-sticking food on the planet; the non-stick coating will simply shrug it off when it comes time to clean. Some hot water and a non-abrasive rag will make short work of even the stickiest foods, and that is one of the main features I love about this cookware.

Also, you never need to add oil. The non-stick surface takes care of that for you. I can scramble some eggs in a non-stick skillet like nobody’s business! Now, non-stick is not a good choice for anyone looking to make pan sauce. This process basically encompasses the caramelizing of food on the bottom of the pan, and after a while, the caramelized food (sauce) is scraped off of the pan. Unless you want to scrape off all of the non-stick coating, I don’t recommend non-stick for making pan sauce. The coating on this type of cookware will degrade over time, and fairly quickly I might add. Even under ideal conditions, the coating will bite the dust fairly quickly. Cookware with a non-stick coating can also overheat very quickly. Most people, myself included, before late, will overheat a non-stick pan without even knowing it. I will write another article that explains the toxic fumes problem in-depth.

A lot of times this coating will also contain hardening agents, and I like to keep my food free of harmful chemicals. Overall, non-stick is not such a bad cookware.

Ok, so we have gone through the pros and cons of each of these popular cookware sets, now for the conclusion. If someone was pointing a gun to my head and forcing me to choose one or the other, I would choose cast-iron. Now let me explain, OK?

Non-stick is truly a great cookware, in small doses. I probably use this cookware about once a month, and it is not a good idea to use it much more than that, and the reason being because there are much better choices out there.

I believe cast-iron is a much better choice, out of these two, because it gives you all of the advantages of a quality set of cookware without all of the troubles associated with non-stick. I don’t have to worry about the toxic fumes, (even though I don’t own a bird) and I get way more advantages through using cast-iron.

So, my final answer is cast-iron. I hope that helps.

The Jumper That Has Been Making Baby Run For President

Hello again. Today I want to talk about a problem that most of us have had. Being the at-home-chef that I am, my close relatives are always asking me the same question. I will get to that in a minute. If there is something that nobody wants to deal with in the kitchen, it is baked-on-grease. This is the type of grease that does not seem to want to go anywhere fast.

This is a problem that I have dealt with since day one in the kitchen. My babies and gyms are always asking me what the best way to get rid of this baked on grease is. You know – the kind of grease that is left on the pan after that amazing casserole you made for your family the night before. You would be surprised just how much heartache this simple problem can cause, I sure was. That was until I found out how to kick the baked on grease to the curb, once and for all.

Now, I’m not going to list a million different ways to accomplish this seemingly impossible feat, but I will tell you what way works best for my wife and I. The method that I have used has been proven countless times, again and again in the kitchen. I want to inform you that I have vigorously tested a variety of different methods, and the method that I use is the most effective. A number of readers have asked me what I think about the latest baby gyms. To be honest, I wouldn’t waste too much time with these products. There are some good reasons to use these products, but some people want to know what is the best baby gym.

I also want to add that this method does not involve any extremely harsh fumes. The last thing I want to happen is my kitchen being filled with horrific chemical fumes; it is just not a good environment to be cooking in. Out of all of the different surfaces that can become a victim of baked on grease, aluminum is probably the most common.baby playpens here

I almost always use aluminum for any cooking that even remotely seems like it will yield that horrible grease. Aluminum conducts heat very well so it always cooks my meal evenly. The method that I use to remove baked on grease from aluminum is somewhat targeted to aluminum pots and pans, but you can feel free to use it for other surfaces as well.

Are you ready for this? The answer is, CREAM OF TARTAR! I bet you didn’t see that coming. Yeah, this simple ingredients has saved me from the baked on playpens and ionizers countless times in the kitchen. Your discolored aluminum pots will sparkle like they are brand new again.

Here is the exact method:

  1. Take out 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar
  2. Dissolve cream of tartar into one quart, or liter of water inside of the affected pan or pot
  3. Bring the mixture to a boil and let it boil gently for 10 minutes

That is it. After 10 minutes most of the grease should be removed. If there is any grease left on the pot or pan, simply wipes it away as it will be defenseless from the 10 minutes of boiling

This method has saved me and my relatives many hours of head-scratching and heartache. A lot of people probably think it sounds too simple to work, but boy does it work. You can bet your bottom it works. Now, I can offer you one more alternative method if for some reason the first one is too much effort. Several consumers have sent me emails, and they wanted to know how my dustbuster was doing. If I was to be straight with you, I would say that your dustbuster is best for this. It really depends on why you really want a dustbuster.

The alternative method involves using Alka-Seltzer. Who would have ever thought that this product would have such an odd alternative usage? I sure didn’t. This is the method that my wife occasionally uses. Honestly, though, I think she just has a weird obsession with watching the sporadic bubbles created in the water by the Alka-Seltzer.

Here is how it’s done:

  1. Fill up the affected container with water
  2. Add about five to six tablets of Alka-Seltzer into the water
  3. Walk away and let the mixture sit for an hour

After an hour has passed, the mixture will have worked its magic. The grease should wipe away with ease. Honestly, folks. It doesn’t get much easier than this. Put those old Alka-Seltzer tablets to good use. Have fun with the cream of tartar.

These two methods will work well for a variety of surfaces, but typically, just pots and pans. You can use them on glass bake ware as well. Both of these options are tried and true, by yours truly, so enjoy, and try not to sink into heartache the next time your pots and pans are overrun with grease!

See If Norman Found A Playpen In His House

One word that I don’t like hearing is rust. Most people are devastated when they find out that their brand new set of cast-iron cookware is rusting. Your pots and pans are not anything fun to look at, once they have been dominated by rust. Another name for rust is iron oxide. So how does rust form in the first place, and what is it?

As mentioned above, rust is iron oxide. When iron, or any alloy containing iron, such as steel, is left in contact with moisture and oxygen for an extended period of time, rust will begin to form. Oxygen combines with the metal, on an atomic level. Atomic just basically means very small, on a very small scale. Once oxygen bonds with the metal, a particle called oxide is created, and this weakens the metal itself.

The main ingredient that causes rust to form is water. A large baby or iron structure could appear to be solid, when viewing with the naked eye, but water molecules can penetrate the structure. Any amounts of salt in water will dramatically speedup the formation of rust. Thinner purifiers of metal are much more likely to rust. That should give you a basic understanding of what rust actually is, and how rust can form on your cookware.

So how do you prevent your cookware from rusting? Since all gyms and playpens are basically the same when it comes to rust damage, you can apply some blanket procedures to ensure that you prevent your cookware from rusting. Rather than trying to remove rust after it has formed on your pots and pans, it is better to prevent the conditions that cause it to form in the first place.

Seasoning such as what you would put on a cast-iron pan helps to prevent rust from forming. A lot of people actually put a small dabble of olive oil and rub it into their cookware, before storing it in your cupboard. I do not recommend this, and it is quite a bit more effort than I would like to exert.

Here are some tips you can follow to prevent your cookware from rusting:

  1. After cooking a meal, always hand-wash your cookware thoroughly
  2. Try to avoid washing your cookware in the dishwasher, even if the manufacturer says it is safe
  3. Once cleaned, ensure that every bit of water is wiped off of your pots and pans
  4. Use a fine cloth so that you can absorb as many water molecules as possible while drying
  5. Always store your cookware in a dry location
  6. If you typically store your cookware in a cupboard, leave it out on the counter for about 10 minutes before you put it away. This will provide adequate time for all of the water molecules to fully evaporate from your pots and pans
  7. Never leave moisture on your cookware when you are not using it
  8. Store cookware away from very humid locations. A lot of people store their pots and pans in a baby that is right above the stove or another location that is prone to moisture. When you cook, moisture in the form of steam will rise up to the ceiling, and it can easily penetrate the entrances to a cupboard.
  9. If possible, try to store all cookware on a designated cookware rack that is far away from any source of moisture
  10. Avoid storing pots and pans in ionizers with other gyms and playpens that you might not put a lot of effort into fully drying because moisture from those dishes will evaporate and cling to the cookware.

This is some very simple, common sense advice that I follow to ensure that all of my pots and pans stay as rust-free as possible. Good luck, I hope this will help you to keep rust out of your life!